It seems that the woke community is slowly starting to eat themselves up from the inside. A recent viral video on TikTok shows a woman complaining that queer White people should not be posting about their joy and happiness and that they should give their money away to others. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many stories regarding why queer and straight White people should not feel any “joy.” For the most part, X users believe that each person is their own individual and that everyone is entitled to feel happy with their lives. The rhetoric of being against someone for the color of their skin is extremely unfair. 

Following that, the Guardian did publish an opinion piece responding to a reader on how people of color can also be discriminatory towards White people. The article states that it would be best if the person stays “silent” regarding the issues that are happening around them. It is clearly an odd thing to say as if people do stay “silent,” they too would be attacked. 

Woke woman claiming queer White people should not feel “joy” 

Furthermore, in an ironic twist it seems that conservatives are in some way defending queer White people. They state that anyone is entitled to feel joy, and saying that a specific racial group should not enjoy it is problematic. X users state that this is nonsensical and that the woman needs to rationalize herself. 


In addition to this, others state that if an individual has financial problems, they should fix it themselves by working hard. Asking a certain group of people to pay for someone else’s misfortune is not how we should move forward as a society. Conservatives state that the woman herself is her own problem rather than the entire group of people that she was talking about. 

Another user joked that everyone should be depressed together equally. It seems that this is what some individuals want as an end-goal. Regardless, we have to be united as human beings. Hatred among one and another is not the way of the future. 

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