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The ultra liberals in America are a daunting thought for most average individuals. It seems that they now feel that elections are “undemocratic” and that it is a threat to democracy. However, for most of us, a democracy is run by having elections within a nation, and the majority will decide who is the next leader of said nation. 

Fox News states, Major pieces in The New York Times and The Atlantic challenge America’s election process. Adam Grant’s essay, initially titled “Elections Are Bad for Democracy,” advocates replacing voting with a lottery-based political leader selection system. The Times altered the title to “The Worst People Run for Office. It’s Time for a Better Way.” 

Meanwhile, The Atlantic’s Jerusalem Demsas argues that the U.S. holds too many elections, making it hard for citizens to engage responsibly. Grant’s essay even suggests doing away with voting entirely, emphasizing the erosion of trust in government and proposing a radical shift in how public office is filled.

Following that, a quick simple Google search regarding the definition of a democracy will show you that elections are the whole point of one. The definition of a democracy is, “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” 

Conservative Americans dumbfounded by their woke counterparts 

Conservatives feel that woke Americans will only be “pro democracy” if their electoral candidate is winning. However, many believe that this is no longer democracy as there will always be a chance that your opponent is a better option than you. For most conservative Americans, the winner is Trump. 


Furthermore, others feel that Joe Biden can’t ever win a fair election, hence all this talk about how elections are bad for democracy. It seems that a lot of the problems under Biden’s reign which includes Bidenomics failing, the illegal immigrant crisis exhausting the infrastructures of these ultra liberal cities and so on. 

Conservatives state that those who are leftists that feel Biden is the only safe bet for a democracy to function are not leftists but “fascists.” Some state that these woke left individuals believe in limiting free speech and that they’re ironically journalists. 

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