Conservatives giving props to court system enhancing safety by literally chaining man who attacked judge

The scandal of the man attacking his judge just recently sparked waves among all social media users. Some liberals support the man as they feel the judge was in the wrong. However, most users believe that the man should not attack the gatekeeper of justice in such a brutal manner. 

According to the Hill, in a Las Vegas courtroom, Deobra Redden, who assaulted Judge Mary Kay Holthus, appeared in chains and a spit mask. Held by bailiffs, he faced sentencing for a prior battery charge. Redden, after attacking the judge last week, received a four-year prison sentence, with 19 months to serve before possible release. 

His upcoming hearing on new charges, including battery of a protected person, extortion, and intimidating a public official, was deferred. The attack interrupted his initial sentencing proceedings, which concluded in Monday’s courtroom appearance.

Conservatives giving props to court system to chain the man attacking judge 


Following that, it went to the point where even Elon Musk joined in the conversation. He states that anger management is not the criminal’s strong suit, but maybe he could go on probation for a long jump championship. Most conservatives wonder why anyone would defend this individual for his actions. 

In addition to this, X users state that this will be the new benchmark set for courtroom safety in the future. There will most definitely be new measures coming into place thanks to this man and that the courtroom staff will be a little more nervous now since this incident. Others state that this will most definitely be used in security training soon. 

Woke liberals feel disheartened seeing this man in chains due to the colour of his skin. However, rational X users informed the woke individual that the man has committed crimes in order for him to even end up in court. He ended up in chains because he attacked a judge that was handling his case. 

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