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The new norm of having illegal immigrants living with you at home is one of the most woke things anyone can do. However, conservative Americans do not agree with letting this happen. It seems that a woke couple in Massachusetts signed themselves up to allow illegals to live with them and they do not know who they were getting. 

Currently, there is a rise of illegals coming to the United States. Despite President Biden’s bipartisan efforts, it was rejected, with Republicans insisting on addressing border issues alongside foreign aid. Migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border hit record highs in fiscal years 2023 and 2024, nearing 2.5 million and 785,000, respectively. 

Non-Mexican migrants, once outnumbering Mexicans 4:1, now stand at 2:1. The Trump administration’s policy overhaul, including “Remain in Mexico,” aimed to curb asylum seekers’ influx. Biden attempted to reverse it, facing legal hurdles due to past chaotic immigration practices.

Conservatives react to woke Americans bringing in illegal immigrants to live with them


Furthermore, conservatives state that these illegal immigrants are going to replace them. It seems that they are slowly infiltrating the homes of Americans. However, it is duly noted that the couple who invited these individuals to stay with them are doing it willingly. The fear that conservatives have is that one day it might be a mandatory thing. 


In addition to this, several X users are questioning the fact that liberals care more about illegal immigrants rather than the American veterans. Apparently, there are a number of homeless vets that are in dire need of help, but are unfortunately left ignored in order to bring in more illegals. 17% of the homeless population in America are veterans. 

Others state that their relatives welcomed illegals to stay with them. Unfortunately, their items were stolen after two weeks of them living together, and with the illegal immigrants nowhere to be found. 

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