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With all the professionals that it has, did SDP misread the Blackbox poll?




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The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) in sharing the poll of Blackbox Research suggested that Bukit Batok voters said that Chee was a better candidate but that they felt safer with the People’s Action Party.

link: http://yoursdp.org/news/survey_bb_voters_say_chee_better_candidate_but_feel_safer_with_pap/2016-05-15-6124
link: http://yoursdp.org/news/survey_bb_voters_say_chee_better_candidate_but_feel_safer_with_pap/2016-05-15-6124

Blackbox Research, a Singapore-based communications and content-research agency, conducted a telephone survey in Bukit Batok between 30 Apr and 3 May to gauge how Bukit Batok voters were feeling about the By-Election. Their poll suggested that PAP would win the by-election by getting 64.4 percent of the vote. The PAP’s eventual victory at 61.2 percent was within the poll’s error margin of -/+ 5.6 percent.
The poll said that of the 33 percent who participated in the telephone poll said that they would vote for SDP (or were leaning towards voting for it), because they felt that SDP’s candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan was a better candidate than the PAP’s Murali Pillai.
And that 67 percent who participated in the telephone poll said that they would vote for PAP (or were leaning towards voting for it) because they prefer or trust PAP more.
The published poll however, did not do a direct comparison on who was the ‘better candidate’, or which is a more trustable party. The Blackbox poll is here: http://bit.ly/27ri74w.
It did however using the preference of those that participated in the telephone poll, do a direct comparison of the Bukit Batok voters perception of the two candidates – and Murali came out on top.

Update: SDP has edited their article.

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