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The illegal migration crisis is far from over as small towns are also affected with this whole ordeal. Previously, it was major cities like Chicago and New York that were suffering from it, but unfortunately, small towns like Whitewater are on the receiving end of this crisis. For the most part, X users are blaming President Biden for this ordeal.

TMJ4 states, the Whitewater Police Department penned a plea to President Joe Biden, seeking aid amid a surge in immigration, particularly from Nicaragua and Venezuela since early 2022. 

Signed by Police Chief Daniel Meyer and City Manager John Weidl on Dec. 28, 2023, the letter highlighted a staggering arrival of 800-1,000 immigrants, stressing the strain on resources and challenges with unlicensed drivers and housing issues. 

The demographic shift posed hurdles in communication, transportation, and identification, with officers witnessing poor living conditions and crimes, including sexual assault cases. 

The letter emphasized the city’s appreciation for diversity but called for support to adequately serve the newcomers, urging for staffing support, an immigrant liaison role, and tailored programs to meet the community’s needs.

Whitewater flooded with illegal migrants 

Conservatives state that the Biden administration is convicting treason towards the American people. Furthermore, some feel that because of this, his administration should be held accountable for such an invasion. Conservatives are viewing the illegal migrant crisis as an invasion towards the American people. 

Following that, many are curious as to why these migrants are in these small towns rather than blue cities. Others are accusing the Democrats of sending illegals to swing states and cities in order to beef up their chances at winning the next presidential elections. 

Some suggestions that local residents should deal with the situation similarly to how Martha’s Vineyard dealt with it. Regardless, conservatives are more keen to send these illegals to blue states as they claim the Democrat supporters are the ones who voted for this to begin with.  

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