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For the most part, conservative Americans who did not vote for any of these policies are angry with what’s going on in America. Big Macs will soon cost $15 in the United States, and most conservatives are thanking those who voted for President Biden in 2020. This is in conjunction with the minimum wage increasing in order to combat the current economic state. 

The New York Post states, the surge in minimum wage across half the country might inflate fast-food staples like the McDonald’s Big Mac to $15 in affected states, claims economic analyst Brandon Arnold. He cites California’s $20-an-hour mandate for fast-food workers as indicative of looming challenges. 

Arnold anticipates businesses grappling with the dilemma of either hiking prices, cutting labor expenses, or both, an issue he highlights as unfair to laid-off employees and cost-burdened consumers. Such wage increases prompt repercussions, with layoffs anticipated in the fast-food sector, accentuating the plight of employees caught between unemployment and higher wages. 

The escalating wage laws in various states, especially California, signal impending shifts in consumer prices and business dynamics, posing obstacles for small businesses. 

Big Macs will soon cost $15 

Liberals state that major corporations should try and make less profits as the government imposes on a minimum wage increase. Unfortunately, most corporations that are privately owned would not agree to that as they have stockholders to account for. 


Conservatives state that illegal immigrants or those who are underprivileged with the SNAP card, known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program would be able to buy Big Macs at that price. Many are upset that they would soon have to pay that much for a fast food burger. 


Others are unbothered with the situation as they are not interested in food that they deem as unhealthy. Regardless, would we see a revival of Americans eating home cooked meals as they did frequently in the 1950s? 

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