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‘We don’t have PMs suddenly resigning,’ founder of Thought Collective expresses appreciation for Singapore

“We are not unwrinkled,” said Tong Yee but he added that least there were no ridiculous cover-ups of pandemics likely to be spreading in Singapore




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Singapore—In this day and age when you find complaints abounding, especially on social media, Tong Yee, the co-founder of the Thought Collective, has gone against the grain and written about how much he appreciates Singapore.

While he admits that “We are not unwrinkled,” he says he is “convinced that as a people we just try damn hard to do our best.”

He praises Singapore’s much-touted readiness during the Covid-19 spread. “Systemically organized. Socially resilient. Vigilant as a team!”

Despite the outbreak he has been in meetings in the past weeks to tackle issues around mental health, ageing, employment, and cultural development in Jurong, improving Orchard road, supporting delinquent youth, learning how to teach citizenship better, which he believes displays “a love for our country.”

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Every morning for the past few weeks I’ve been reading the news. And you know, I just have to give it to Singapore. We…

Posted by Tong Yee on Monday, February 24, 2020

Mr Tong is a model citizen of civic engagement, not only because of the Thought Collective, whose purpose is to build up the country’s social and emotional capital, but he has also been a board member of the National Youth Council (NYC), Singapore Memory Project, ACCORD (Mindef), Advisor for Youth Corps Singapore (YCS), Families for Life and the Media Literacy Council (MLC). 

For him, the only reason why Singapore is so well prepared for today’s outbreak is that “somebody bothered to begin planning this almost 20 years ago,” presumably writing about the SARS outbreak back then.

And today, he said, based on all the meetings that people bothered to show up for, “Flu crisis or not, people are still planning and working 20 years ahead of time.”

He does add, humorously, that some people reacted to the coronavirus outbreak, even referencing “our Beng minister,” but the bigger picture is that “we have been witnessing a convincing and steady response. Not a reaction. A response.”

Mr Tong also expressed gratitude for the lack of drama in the country.

“We don’t have PMs suddenly resigning. No ridiculous cover-ups of pandemics likely spreading in our country.”

About Singapore’s politics he says, “I know our politics isn’t pretty; but it’s not hideous and downright embarrassing.”

And finally, he writes that the past few weeks have shown him “that we have really really good people.

I just have to say that.
Lest we don’t see just what is happening here, amidst all the global drama.
People love Singapore enough, to be ready.

For anything.”

His post evidently resonated with many, as it has gotten much positive feedback and been widely shared.

Netizens commented on his post, saying what he wrote “has to be said.”

Mr Tong replied that for all the whining and complaining people do, they seem to miss the important point that a lot of preparations were made for years just to make sure people are safe.

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