The way we see it, The Independent Singapore News

The way we see it, The Independent Singapore NewsTan Bah Bah of The Independent suggested in his article published on the 10th of August that we should have a party instead of the annual National Day Parade.
In a television broadcast with the youth in Singapore which will be televised later tonight on CNA, the PM responds to TISG about having a party:
“We should mark the occasion properly; 50 years is an important milestone from where we started to where we’ve come.
“It’s been a very exciting journey and we’ve changed ourselves and we’ve changed Singapore. I don’t think we should just have a fireworks display and a party. I think that would not be at a right level.
He also said, government “does not have a magic source from heaven. Good things need to be paid for”.  And he explained that whatever the government gives out, will eventually come from the citizens.
Exactly, our reserves are what our people have accumulated over the years. It is our money, hand it back to us!

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