Asia Malaysia Volkswagen driver is violently stabbed and mowed down twice in busy Johor...

Volkswagen driver is violently stabbed and mowed down twice in busy Johor petrol station frequented by Singaporeans




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Four men were caught on camera brutally murdering a motorist at a Shell petrol station in Johor Bahru yesterday, around 7.30pm.

A manhunt is presently underway for the killers who violently stabbed the victim, a Volkswagen driver, before mowing him down twice at the petrol station at the busy Jalan Sri Pelangi in Taman Pelangi. The station is frequented by Singaporeans as it is located about ten minutes away from the Causeway Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex.

A video capturing the incident has been widely circulating online while many have expressed shock over the horrific attack which begins when the four men approach the victim as he is checking the tyres of his vehicle.

A woman who was in the vehicle, believed to be the victim’s wife, immediately ran to get help but it was too late. An eyewitness, Khalil, told Malaysian daily The Star: “While he was struggling with the suspects, one of them stabbed him on the left chest causing him to collapse on the road.”

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One of the assailants subsequently threw a firecracker, prompting bewildered bystanders to shout “Bomb, bomb!” as the firecracker exploded.

The attack was far from over. The car carrying the assailants then made a 360-degree turn, ran over the victim, then reversed the car and mowed the man down again.

The car carrying the assailants then sped off from the station, only stopping briefly for one of the attackers to enter the vehicle.

The victim’s body was released and collected by his wife today, according to The Star. The victim’s wife was seen crying as the undertakers loaded her husband’s coffin into a hearse.

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