SINGAPORE: Last night was enjoyable, but there seemed to be bad blood between some Swifties and event organisers because of crowd control issues.

On Sunday (March 3), the official X (formerly Twitter) account of The Eras Tour Singapore sent a letter to AEG Presents Asia, representing all Swifties in the VIP section, addressing the terrible crowd control that occurred on Day 1 of the concert.

In the letter, The Eras Tour Singapore strongly urged the organizers to enforce stricter measures to prevent individuals from CAT 1 and 2 from infiltrating the VIP section, as it would be unfair to those who paid S$900 more for a close-up view of Taylor Swift’s performance.

Dear @aegpresentsasia, 

Swifties from all around the world paid SO much money to come see Taylor on tour. Being the only country she’s performing in Southeast Asia, we need to be better.

The money that people spent on VIP, security needs to be stricter. CAT 1 / 2 people SHOULD NOT be allowed at the VIP section. Isn’t there a reason why we paid $900 more? 

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Can we please make it a more pleasant experience for the next 5 nights so people from around the world and all of us CAN enjoy? 

Please? And thank you.

❤️, Swifties.

In the comments section, one Swiftie agreed and said he witnessed three people sharing two seats.

Another Swiftie also raised an issue about some people tailgating and entering the stadium without tickets.

Another Swiftie from Taiwan also posted about the same issue on social media. He said that he expected the event to be the ‘best day of his life’, but because of the chaotic crowd, it didn’t meet his expectations.

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“I was the last seat of the row, CAT 1. I guess a concert’s VIP really makes you one, right? They kept on pushing and pushing, until there was no room for me to stand. The stadium was really warm and humid, I started feeling nauseous. So, I tried to ask for the staff’s help.”

The Swiftie also said that when he brought this to the attention of the officials in charge, they simply shrugged and said to him, “There’s nothing we can do, sir.”

Fortunately, after some time, the officials finally placed a chair in between sections, and that, according to Swiftie, “was when the concert really started for him.”

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Featured image by Colin Charles