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A Texas author, Vanessa Angélica Villarreal, stirred controversy by slamming Taylor Swift, branding her a ‘billionaire racist’ and ‘Nazi Barbie’, criticizing her album for not addressing Palestine and using ‘torture’ during a genocide.

Vanessa condemned Swift’s album, describing it as ‘vapid’ and focused on a ‘racist dude’, possibly referring to Matty Healy. Swift’s fans defended her against the accusations.  Healy previously dated the musician.

Villarreal specifically targeted Taylor Swift’s album “The Tortured Poets Department,” criticizing its content and Swift’s alleged lack of engagement with global issues like the ongoing conflict in Palestine.

Her remarks sparked outrage among Swift’s fans, who defended the singer against the accusations of racism and insensitivity. The controversy unfolded amidst ongoing discussions about cultural appropriation and social justice in the music industry.

Villareal – billionaire racist!

‘If you like Taylor Swift, we have nothing in common,’ Vanessa wrote. ‘She’s a billionaire racist who uses the word “torture” as a metaphor during a genocide.

’31 vapid, rotted songs about a racist dude, nothing about Palestine. As we watch real torture, Nazi Barbie wants to live in the 1830s. Bye.’

In January 2023, 1975 singer Matty was accused of being ‘racist’ after he made controversial remarks about Ice Spice’s ethnicity, and called the Nigerian Dominican, an ‘Inuit spice girl’ and a ‘chubby Chinese lady.’

Vanessa bashed Taylor for using the word 'torture' in her album title during 'a genocide' and for not mentioning the ongoing conflict in Palestine

The Cruel Summer songstress, 34, after the release of her latest LP The Tortured Poets Department on Friday – announced two hours later that it was actually a double album and would feature an additional 16 songs.

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