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The US borders are full of litter, and conservatives are asking where the environmentalists are speaking up about this problem. Furthermore, environmental groups are always emphasising on the fact that we need to use paper straws rather than focusing on other issues that could be solved in a swift manner. 

Daily Caller states, the federally-protected borderland in Arizona is overwhelmed by waste and human excrement due to an influx of illegal migrants, as revealed in photos and Border Patrol accounts. The Organ Pipe National Monument, housing endangered species, witnesses migrants awaiting law enforcement, lacking bathrooms. 

The area is littered with discarded documents and waste, reeking of excrement, posing health risks. Former ICE director John Fabbricatore called it an environmental crisis, blaming the Biden administration’s immigration failure. The Border Patrol in Tucson had to halt operations amidst a surge, creating resource shortages. 

Migrants wait for days without facilities, turning the desert into makeshift restrooms. The House passed a bill to prevent migrant housing on federal lands, addressing concerns about the Biden administration’s actions. CBP and the National Park Service have yet to respond to the situation.

Conservatives calling for environmentalists to speak up on litter at US borders 

Furthermore, this is one of the reasons why Trump is winning the polls. X users feel angry at the fact that America is being “attacked” constantly by these illegal migrants. The border control for the United States should be stricter as jobs are being taken from Americans. Following that, they feel that Washington should do more to rectify this mess. 

In addition to this, many are blaming the Biden regime for the lack of border control in the United States. Conservatives are saying that the government is not doing much to stop it simply because they do not want to stop it. However, this is an allegation from the conservatives. 

Regardless, the borders of any country should be strict as there is a reason why we have passport control. Visa applications are also another way for a legal migrant to enter a country as it is a form of clearance if someone has a good background or not. 

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