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The illegal migrant issue coupled with the inflation and homeless problems that are plaguing the ultra progressive blue states have made many leave their respective states. Conservatives feel that these individuals should stay in their states as they themselves voted for these policies to be in place.  

According to Brietbart, in 2023, population trends mirrored political divides in the U.S., as Illinois, California, and New York saw significant declines, while Texas, Florida, and North Carolina experienced notable gains. Despite North Carolina’s Democratic governor, Republican control dominates the State Senate and House, evident in the state’s conservative governance. 

Comparing 2022 to 2023 populations, New York lost 101,984 residents, California 75,423, and Illinois 32,826. Meanwhile, Texas gained 473,453, Florida 365,205, and North Carolina 139,526 new residents. Notably, surrounding states leaning slightly right, like Michigan, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Indiana, saw population upticks, contrasting Illinois’ decline. 

Are voters from blue states running away to red states? 


Earlier this year, X users were discussing the taxes they are paying in a blue state versus a red state. The taxes paid in a Democrat state is a lot higher than it is in a Republican state. Even then, many are suggesting to leave these states in order to start a better life in a Republican run state. 

In addition to this, many are hoping that Republican states remove Biden as a candidate for President. However, Democrat supporters state that there is a valid reason for Trump’s removal in Colorado. Despite this, conservatives are saying that Biden’s candidacy should be removed in Texas at least due to the migrant crisis at the border. 


Conservatives are resorting to memes depicting the liberals leaving their states to start afresh in a red state only for them to vote Democrat again. To them this is rather ironic as the reasons why they left their own state was due to the policies they voted for. Regardless, liberals state that their areas are more desirable, hence the cost of living there will be higher no matter what. 

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