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Conservatives shared their worries after researching the amount of illegal immigrants coming into America in a month is roughly the same as the birth rates in the same duration. Furthermore, Americans are fearful of what is to become of their country if there are more illegals coming in than actual babies being born. 

According to the CDC, the birth rates of American children are about 300,000 per month. To which, the US customs and control states that roughly the same amount of illegals are entering the US within a month. 

Following that, the woke agenda is to replace the “falling” US population with these illegal immigrants. It seems that liberals are seemingly agreeing with this idea and are stating that the solution is hidden in plain sight. 

CNBC states, the declining U.S. fertility rate raises concerns about reduced tax revenue and strained programs like Social Security and Medicare. Immigration policy reform, experts suggest, could mitigate the economic impact by addressing the shrinking tax base. 

Furthermore, with the fertility rate consistently below the replacement rate since 2007, allowing lawful immigration is seen as a solution. In 2022, foreign-born U.S. residents represented 18% of workers, up from 17.4% in 2021. A pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants could enhance education, job opportunities, and federal tax revenue. 

X users concerned with amount of illegals coming in being similar to US birth rates 

In addition to this, X users state that the “great replacement” is a statistical fact. Furthermore, they state that these are the policies that are done by the Democrats. If the contrary is the goal, the Dems would’ve done better in trying to preserve American culture and society. Instead, they just let the floodgates open. 

Others state that this will only add up the American debt. Many are sharing concerns on how their future children will succeed if this continues. It is ironic when most western countries are discussing sustainability, but at the same time are bringing in anyone from overseas without any proper documentation. 

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