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The story of the illegal immigrants are continuing onwards to them forming gang memberships based on their countries of origin. This was previously thought to be left in the late 19th and early 20th century. However, conservatives are blaming those living in the more liberal states as they themselves voted for these policies. 

All the way back in October 2023, the New York Post states, criminal syndicates from Central and South America are exploiting lenient U.S. immigration laws to establish operations in cities, robbing high-end homes, warns Sheriff Michael Bouchard of Oakland County, Michigan. 

Transnational gangs, hailing from countries including Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras, have reportedly sneaked across the border and obtained fake IDs. 

Targeting luxury residences, they surveil homes for days before executing well-timed burglaries, making off with valuables like jewelry, high-end purses, watches, currency, and safes. Sheriff Bouchard advises wealthy homeowners to invest in security systems and cameras. 

New York woman complaining illegal immigrants forming violent gangs 

She stated that the Venezualans are making gangs based on their origins. Apparently, the NYPD were allegedly told to not arrest these gang members in order for them to look “good.” However, X users still insist that this is what a “sanctuary city” looks like. The only way to stop this is for New Yorkers to exercise their voting powers. 

Conservatives state that if those who voted blue want to leave a blue state for a red state, they need to understand that voting blue there will bring in the problems they are avoiding. It is rather a tricky situation that Americans are in right now. 

Others state that the woman should not be attacked for voting blue, as we don’t know who she voted for. However, X users state that the comments of them telling people off for voting the Democrats, are directed towards progressives and liberals. 

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