SINGAPORE: Unhappy that her helper has declined to renew her employment contract, a relentless employer has doxxed the foreign domestic worker online.

The employer, Gianna Kwan, made two posts on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, lamenting that she feels “betrayed” by her helper who has decided to get married to her Caucasian boyfriend instead of continuing to work for her.

Despite igniting a firestorm of criticism, the unrepentant employer has now exposed her helper’s photograph, name, age and nationality online.

In her latest post, which has garnered close to 500 reactions, Gianna wrote: “if you see she’s applying for jobs, just don’t take her. Otherwise she’ll leave your family after you fully trust her.”

Netizens appeared to have had enough of Gianna’s complaints and asserted that she is going too far. One commenter, Elsa Goh, said: “Eh you enough le la. People don’t owe you anything leh. This might even be considered doxxing.”

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Others pointed out that the helper is quite pretty and surmised that Gianna is jealous of her.

Facebook user Mia Nha quipped, “Oh you’re jealous because she’s prettier than you,” while Say Keong Tan advised: “Indeed she’s good looking hahaha. But seriously maids ain’t your slave, when contract is due it’s up to them too to change employer or to renew, they don’t owe you a living. Just pray your next helper have that chemistry to work for you.”

Another commenter Miracle Lancome Dasugo questioned: “Why you can’t move on, because she don’t renew her contract n she choose to marry her Ang moh bf? Did she owe you anything? Why you don’t stop this issue? Surely she won’t apply as a helper already lah if she marry that much more if she take away your husband?”

Some even said that the helper could lodge a case against Gianna for doxxing her and harassing her online.

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Referring to an earlier post in which Gianna recounted forgiving her helper for giving her boyfriend their address to send flowers, Facebook user Grace Matalote Matias asserted: “You’re angry that your helper gave the address to her angmoh bf but here you are spreading her photo without her consent. If I were that helper I will ask help from my angmoh bf to sue you for doing this.”

Asserting that Gianna has a “problem inside your brain,” Grace asked: “She finished her contract and she didn’t bring her bf inside your house she only gave the address for her bf to send her the gifts so what’s the big deal?”

Revealing that she is a helper herself, she said her own employers even allow her to order things online or receive mail, even offering to receive her parcels on her behalf if she is not home. Grace added: “You have to be thankful that she finished her contract, some helper don’t even (hesitate) to break the contract once they don’t like their employer.”

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