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Uncle at NTUC shamed for opening boxes of fruit to choose plums

Netizen Sharon Loi said that when she told the elderly man not to do that, he started shouting and swearing at her




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An uncle at FairPrice Xtra was shamed online for opening several boxes of fruits in order to choose the best plums.

In a photo uploaded by netizen Sharon Loi, which was then shared to various other groups and Facebook pages, the elderly man was seen with an open box of plums in his hand, while standing in front of a display of fruits.

The man was also touching the fruit.

The elderly man’s behaviour comes at a time during the Covid-19 pandemic where the supermarket has increased its precautionary measures.

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According to a press release from NTUC FairPrice on Apr 9, it states that: “All food sampling activities have also ceased. Cleaning regimes have been stepped up, especially for high-touch surfaces like railings, trolleys, baskets, checkout counters, to every four hours”.

In her post, Ms Loi wrote that the uncle opened many boxes of fruits too before choosing, touching some of the fruits in his hand. She added that he did not buy any of the boxes that he opened. When Ms Loi told the elderly man not to do that, she added that he started shouting and swearing at her.

She added that at one point he even shouted vulgarities at her.

Earlier this year, another elderly man was filmed doing the same – opening boxes of plums in order to choose the best ones.

Circulating on social media since Friday (Mar 27), the video of this elderly man garnered 1,400 comments, mostly of netizens berating him for his actions.

In the 40-second-long video, the man can be seen opening up a box of plums and examining each one.

He was filmed taking out almost every plum in the box, looking at it and then putting it back in the box. The uncle was also filmed prodding and poking each fruit in the box he was holding, before he closed the box, only to put it back on the shelf.

While it was unclear if both men had done the same to other boxes of fruit, since the video and photo only showed him with one open box, the netizens who captured the act alleged that he opened at least a few other boxes. /TISG

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