SINGAPORE – A couple was caught “fooling around” inside one of the cinemas of the Shaw Theatres in Lido.

The incident occurred on October 15 at around 8.15 pm and was shared by a Stomp contributor who calls herself M. She claims that she’s a friend of someone that works at the Shaw Theatre cinema plex.

M wrote in her post, “My friend saw this couple through the CCTV during one movie. The woman was straddling her partner and moving up and down.”

“I feel disgusted that people will do this in public,” she added.

The 17-second video, which has not been uploaded due to its sensitive nature, was shared with Stomp. The footage shows a man seated with a woman on his lap, and the woman is moving her hips.

It was also notable that there were no other people seated near or around the couple inside the cinema hall.

When asked about the incident, a spokesperson for Shaw Theatres said, “Once aware of the incident taking place, the manager went into the hall and issued a warning to the couple to stop behaving inappropriately (they were fooling around and were fully clothed.)”

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The couple was also reported to have left the theatre at the end of the movie screening without any other issues or incidents.

The spokesperson for Shaw Theatres went on to say, “Shaw Theatres does not condone such behaviour and requests that our patrons respect our cinemas for their intended purpose of film appreciation and entertainment.”

“Shaw Theatres has taken disciplinary actions (sic) against the staff who made and disseminated the unauthorised recording.” / TISG