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The decline of President Joe Biden prior to the 2024 elections is only headed to a further decline. For the most part, Americans are blaming Bidenomics for the absurd inflation that is on going. Furthermore, many of the conservatives see Trump as a perfect Presidential candidate simply due to his economic policies. 

Breitbart states, a recent Fox News survey revealed that former President Donald Trump holds a commanding 69 percent Republican primary poll support, marking a seven-point increase since November. He’s become the primary favourite, escalating his backing by 26 points since February, while the cumulative support for other GOP candidates pales, with less than a third rallying behind Trump’s rivals.

The survey reflects minor traction for any opposing figures, except for a slight rise for Nikki Haley against Biden in a hypothetical general election. Trump maintains a consistent lead against Biden in national polls, garnering a four-point advantage, aligning with other recent polls showing him ahead by varying margins. Additionally, around 5 percent of Biden’s 2020 voters would pivot to the Republican camp in a hypothetical Trump-Biden faceoff. 

Following that, states like Iowa have shown strong support towards former President Trump in recent days. One of the state’s residents told NBC News that if he was offered a million dollars to not vote for Trump, he’d tell them to keep the money and still vote for him. 

Trump dominates GOP primary 

It’s to no surprise that X users are arguing with each other regarding this. However, it seems that those who support Trump are more than happy to hear this news. The sentiment is still split as both ends are still vehemently against each other’s candidate to be the next President of the United States, or in Biden’s case to continue on with his role. 


There are several allegations thrown by those who support the Republican party stating that the Democrats “stole” the last election. It is still unproven that this actually happened, but a good number of X users believe this as a fact. Regardless, those who are supporting Trump are coming in strong this time. 

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