TREASURE recently visited Thailand for their ‘TREASURE Relay Tour [REBOOT],’ originally planning three concerts. However, due to high demand and immediate sellouts, a fourth concert was added. All four shows sold out, attracting over 37,000 fans, making Thailand the most successful leg of their world tour to date.

The concerts opened with the title track of their second album, ‘BONA BONA,’ followed by hit songs ‘JIKJIN,’ ‘BOY,’ and ‘HELLO,’ with fans cheering loudly throughout. This tour marked TREASURE’s first visit to Thailand in over a year, and the group impressed fans by speaking in Thai during their performances.

Photo: Instagram/TREASURE

TREASURE thanked everyone after their performances in Thailand, stating, “A year ago, we vowed we would come back, and now here we are. As always, we are honoured to receive your enthusiastic applause. Our Treasure Maker is the reason we’re constantly content. Let’s get together once more soon.

New single “King Kong”

TREASURE has also just released their latest single, ‘KING KONG,’ and is actively promoting it.

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TREASURE is a 10-member South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment through the reality show YG Treasure Box (2018–2019). Initially planned as a 7-member group, they expanded to 12 members in early 2019. However, in November 2022, two members, Mashiho and Bang Yedam, departed from the group.

Energetic and vibrant concepts

They debuted in August 2020 with the single album “The First Step: Chapter One,” which was highly successful. TREASURE’s music blends K-pop, dance, hip hop, and ballads. They are known for their energetic and vibrant concepts, often featuring youthful themes in their music videos and performances. Their debut album sold over a million copies within five months, and their debut single “Boy” quickly amassed millions of views on YouTube.