good vibes

Some people just make you want to be around them with their good energy and vibrations. These are just some of the traits that these people have and you can emulate too:

Compassion and empathy 

People who exude good vibes exude these two qualities whether in their actions and speech. They accept emotions and are interested in the emotions of others as well as accepting of them, without forcing change on the people around them.

They are also genuinely interested in other people’s feelings and thoughts at any given moment and want to try and help or at least understand at the very least.

 Good vibes and honesty

People who have good vibes are very honest. They have a clear idea of right and wrong and are guided by a good moral compass in all spheres of their lives and relationships.

They say what they mean and mean what they say and yet do it with kindness and understanding.

They know the value of being true to themselves and others.


There are many people who don’t like to own up to their mistakes but people with good vibes have no problem doing this. They are accountable for their actions and it’s easy for them to say they are sorry when they are wrong. They have no problem admitting fault for something they have done which may have hurt someone even inadvertently or unintentionally.


Some of the traits of people with good vibes are that they are generous not so much in terms of money (if they are able to, they often will also be generous financially) but more importantly they are also generous with their time and resources. They are willing to share and help and listen when needed with friends, relations or acquaintances. Offering a helping hand is second nature to them and that just makes people around them feel loved, secure and comfortable.

Non-judge mental are happy to accept other people’s opinions

They do not judge and have no problem listening and accepting other people’s thoughts, ideas and perspectives on things. They never judge you but love you just the way you are and accept your flaws and foibles which is indeed endearing whether you are a friend, colleague or family member.

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