PM Lee Hsien Loong

Fellow Singaporeans, now that LKY is gone, you can now take charge of Singapore’s future. Everyone was fearful of LKY, even his PM son. Let’s face it: without LKY, his son would never become PM. He has no charisma, lacks persuasion skills, and does not relate to the man or woman on the street. After all, he was born with a silver spoon.

Here are some reasons to Vote against the PAP.

1) PAP has been in power for more than 5 decades. History has shown, time and time again, that even well-meaning politicians who start out with noble intentions, become corrupt with the excessive passing of time in power. One thing that strikes me is the arrogance and hypocrisy of some of these ministers. I’m sure there are some Singaporeans who can do better jobs than some of these ministers at a fraction of their current pay.

2) CPF money. Must I say more? Ah pek cannot even take out money even he wants to, because he doesn’t meet some minimum sum.

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3) No checks and balances. With a majority, PAP can do whatever it wants. They introduced GRCs to their advantage, knowing that the opposition cannot field that many candidates. They re-drew electorate lines to their advantage, so that they can continue to win elections.

4) National Slavery. Why must we be subject to low pay and 2 years of our lives, plus multiple years of reservist. A professional force is in order now that the country is so rich. I’m sure many of those NS boys would pick up arms and shoot at their FT neighbours before firing at any imaginary invading armies. Perhaps be reasonable and have a voluntary force that includes all citizens, men and women, as well as PRs. This would level the playing field.

5) No free speech. What year are we living in? If the PAP is really protecting our assets and CPF money, why not open up the books? What are they scared of? How can any legitimate government jail so many Singaporeans who speak their minds? How can PAP bankrupt so many opposition MPs?

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6) 6.9M population. This is a shocker. For a tiny little island, how can it accommodate so many people? To have a good life style, at most perhaps there should be 2 million people in this city state. Then there would be space to run around, and cars to drive. Perhaps then Singaporeans won’t have to work so hard, and instead have some work life balance. Money is good if you can buy stuff, not when everything is so freaking expensive, from housing to cars.

7) Paper Generals at the top of PAP. What do you call a government with so many major generals and brigadiers at the top? You bet. Probably not a democracy. More like a junta. Politicians are not supposed to bark orders to their constituents. They are supposed to serve them. And you expect these paper generals to do that? They only know how to give orders like they are back in the military, and expect everything to happen by magic.

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8) Ridiculous pay packages for the Prime Ministers and his cohorts. Only in Singapore would the electorate put up with this. Election after election. Man, this has got to stop. Who pays the PM and his ‘yes-man’ ministers millions of dollars? Who pegs their pay grade to the private sector? Definitely not government ministers and employees. They need to serve Singaporeans, not rob us. The PAP leaders have lost their way.

Well I’m sure there are many more. Let’s hope the 60.1% of you who voted PAP last election smarten up and vote them out before you get displaced in your very own country. High GDP is not a prerequisite for a happy and well-balanced people. Singaporeans are already highly competitive, no need to make us more kiasu by bringing boatloads of PRCs into this tiny little place. Enough is enough!

National Slavery

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