Many people would be curious to know how much Taylor Swift makes per concert. Her Eras Tour alone garnered more than one billion dollars and the number of Swifties all over the world continue to grow. 

In 2023, Billboard reports that she grossed nearly $2 billion, The estimate is based on ticket sales. The average ticket for a US Eras Tour performance is $250 and that’s the listed price with people paying a lot more for third party markets. 

Per show, Swift gets about $13 million before taxes and expenses. She earns about $2 million in merchandise per concert. She also most likely receives 60 to 85% of the Eras Tour revenue. 

For the Eras tour, it is estimated that she earned more than $200 to $400 million after taxes and expenses. If she earns $13 million per show, she most likely brings $3 to $5 million home after expenses. 

Swift in Past Tours

Before the Eras Tour, her second biggest tour was the Halloween concert at Raymond James Stadium in 2015. The Tampa Bay Times reported that she may have earned between $3.9 million to $4 million from ticket sales. However more than $840,000 was given to the Tampa Sports Authority and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Her 2018 Reputation Tour earned her $345 million. 33 Square estimates she pocketed $3 million per concert post expenses. 

Why is Taylor Swift so popular

It’s not just her singing and songwriting abilities that makes her endearing. A welcoming friendly personality and attractiveness has helped her skyrocket to the top of her career. 

A savvy businesswoman to boot, she knows how to capitalize on her success and build a personal connection with her fans. 

When she could not find any Hollywood studios for her Eras Tour film she teamed up with the biggest theater franchises to release her concert documentary. Swift partnered up with AMC Theatres and Cinemark Theatres to release her film which speaks to her entrepreneurial skills.

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