Although tag team wrestling hasn’t always been treated fairly in the WWE, it’s impossible to dispute the division’s importance over time. It has been taken to such tremendous heights by men like The Hardy Boys, The Dudleys, and The Brood (no pun intended).

More recently, despite setbacks along the road, The New Day and The Usos have kept the division going. Yet, there has never really been a team in the women’s tag team division that could be considered iconic. The company just launched the Women’s Tag Team Championship in 2018. Sasha and Bayley Banks (Mercedes Moné) held the first-place trophy.

Damage CTRL, a faction led by the current champions Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky, is under Bayley’s command. According to the former women’s champion, more athletes should be brought into her stable. In response to Ariel Helwani’s comment on BT Sport on the expansion of the women’s division, Bayley said:

“What I really want to see is the tag division grow. There are so many ups and downs with that, mostly downs. It’s hard to get tag teams together and keep them together. Not just because Iyo and Dakota are the champions, you know, like, I take those titles very personally because, we brought them to existence basically, and Triple H had a lot to do with that too, he helped us do that. I think there’s lots of potential in that division and I think if we can get that going, it will showcase more women, and there will be a whole tag division. I’m very proud of everybody and how it’s going right now but, there’s still a lot that can be done.”

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