The cast of “The Midnight Romance In Hagwon” has bid farewell to the drama in a newly released behind-the-scenes video.

Directed by Ahn Pan Seok of “Something in the Rain” fame, tvN’s “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” is a love story set in Daechi, a neighborhood renowned for its dense concentration of private educational institutions in Korea.

The drama concluded on June 30, achieving its highest ratings during the entire run.

Reminiscing a scene

The video showcases the final day of filming, featuring Jung Ryeo Won, who plays Seo Hye Jin, and Wi Ha Joon, who portrays Lee Jun Ho.

They turn on a self-camera and reminisce in a classroom where their characters’ romance first blossomed. They remember from their first shot two months ago, hiding in this very classroom.

When Jung Ryeo Won asks Wi Ha Joon about his feelings on the last day of filming, he expresses sadness at how quickly it ended. Jung Ryeo Won agrees, saying it ended too soon.

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After the final shoot, the actors received flower bouquets, and tears started to flow on set.

In separate interviews, Jung Ryeo Won reflects, “I’ve always felt mixed emotions at the end of filming, but this project flew by, leaving a bittersweet feeling.”

She adds, “Knowing this time won’t return, I’ll likely have strong lingering emotions.”

Feeling sad and sorrowful

Wi Ha Joon shares a similar sentiment: “Despite extensive filming and dialogue over 16 episodes, it ended swiftly. I was just getting into the groove, but now that it’s over, I feel quite sad and sorrowful.”

Wi Ha Joon is a rising South Korean actor gaining international recognition. He is known for his breakout role as Hwang Jun-ho in the global hit “Squid Game” (2021).

Jung Ryeo Won is a successful South Korean actress with a background in music. She started her career in the girl group Chakra before transitioning to acting after the group’s disbandment.