The beloved trio from “The Fiery Priest” is set to return for a new season! First aired in 2019, “The Fiery Priest” follows a Catholic priest grappling with anger management issues and a timid detective as they team up to solve a murder case.

Season 1 stars Kim Nam Gil, Honey Lee, and Kim Sung Kyun achieved a peak viewership rating of 22.0 per cent.

On April 24, it was confirmed that Kim Nam Gil, Honey Lee, and Kim Sung Kyun would reprise their roles in Season 2, with the addition of BIBI to the cast lineup.

In Season 2, Kim Nam Gil will reprise his role as the fiery Catholic priest Kim Hae Il, known for his hot-blooded nature despite his graceful appearance, promising another round of comedic brilliance.

Photo: Instagram/Kim Nam Gil

Silver tongue, courage and combat skills

Honey Lee returns as prosecutor Park Kyung Sun, captivating viewers with her silver tongue, courage, and combat skills.

Kim Sung Kyun transforms into Goo Dae Young, a detective in the violent crimes unit at Gudam Police Station, heightening anticipation for his chemistry with Kim Nam Gil.

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Singer and actress BIBI joins the cast as Goo Ja Young, a passionate detective in the Narcotics Unit, sparking excitement for her performance.

“The Fiery Priest” Season 2 will be helmed by director Park Bo Ram and screenwriter Park Jae Bum from Season 1.

The production team promises an even wilder ride with upgraded laughter, action, and crime narratives when the season premieres in the second half of 2024.

Star-studded cast

Kim Nam Gil is a multi-talented South Korean entertainer who has been active since 1999.

He’s known for his versatility, taking on lead roles in various genres. Some of his most popular works include period dramas: “Queen Seondeok” (2009) and “Portrait of a Beauty” (2008), an action-adventure: “The Pirates” (2014), disaster: “Pandora” (2016) and crime thriller: “Memoir of a Murderer” (2017).  He’s also a producer, director, and singer.

Honey Lee, also known as Lee Hanee, is a South Korean who has accomplished many things. She rose to fame after winning Miss Korea in 2006 and representing her country at Miss Universe 2007.

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Born in 1980, Kim Sung Kyun began acting in theatre productions before transitioning to the screen in 2009.