SINGAPORE: Temasek Polytechnic has unveiled the first generative artificial intelligence design laboratory in a polytechnic setting in Singapore. The design laboratory is poised to revolutionize design education by integrating generative artificial intelligence into the curriculum.

The laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology, provides a space for students to explore and learn how to apply generative artificial intelligence in various design fields such as clothing, products, videos and films. The project encompasses five new technologies that allow students to merge objects, pictures, or hand-drawn patterns with artificial intelligence to create preliminary visual design concepts.

The primary objective of establishing this state-of-the-art laboratory is to seamlessly blend innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence tools and design software, into teaching design. This initiative aims to enhance students’ proficiency in artificial intelligence and elevate their creative skills.

Within the laboratory, students gain hands-on experience using diverse artificial intelligence tools to enhance creative flexibility. The facility serves as a platform for students to explore and implement the ideas and logic of leveraging artificial intelligence to provide design solutions across multiple disciplines rapidly and effectively.

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Approximately 1,000 design students are expected to benefit from this laboratory within its inaugural year. Interestingly, the lab is not limited to Temasek Polytechnic students alone. The facility is open to the public, allowing industry professionals and local secondary school students to experience the potential of generative artificial intelligence in design firsthand.

To showcase the laboratory’s capabilities, Temasek Polytechnic invites the public to participate in a three-day open day starting tomorrow (Jan 4). This event will allow attendees to immerse themselves in the different technologies featured in the laboratory.

Coinciding with this event, Ngee Ann Polytechnic will also host an open day. Among the highlights is the introduction of two new specialisations in the School of InfoComm Technology. Starting from April this year, students pursuing a Diploma in Data Science can opt to specialise in either Generative Artificial Intelligence or Data Engineering in their second year.

Students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic will graduate with industry certifications on top of their diplomas. Additionally, selected students may secure a one-year internship, further bridging the gap between academia and industry.

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The Generative AI Hub (Gen.AI Hub) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic will showcase six special projects during the open day, providing valuable insights into the technological skills applied across various departments and majors. This initiative represents a significant leap forward in integrating artificial intelligence into education and preparing students for the demands of an evolving workforce.