The brief love affair between Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner remains eternally etched in the singer’s melodies.

Their initial encounter transpired on the set of the 2009 romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day,” portraying high school sweethearts. Swift and Lautner, famously dubbed “Taylor Squared” by fans, transitioned from onscreen romance to reality.

Amidst dating speculations fueled by appearances in Los Angeles, they officially debuted a couple at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, marked by Kanye West’s memorable interruption of Swift’s speech.

However, in a recent episode of Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Hollywood heartthrob Taylor Lautner spilled the tea on his rekindled friendship relationship with pop sensation Taylor Swift.

A different celebrity breakup

But unlike the drama-filled narratives often associated with celebrity breakups, Lautner revealed that there’s nothing but love and respect between the two, more than a decade after their split.

The “Twilight” star heaped praise on Swift’s 2010 hit “Back to December,” a song inspired by their brief romance.

Describing the track as a “banger,” Lautner’s admiration for Swift’s talents was evident.

When pressed by Cooper to share the juicy details of what went down in December that served as the inspiration for the song, Lautner kept it light-hearted, responding with a playful “You don’t wanna know.”

Swift swiftly ended it all

However, he did confirm that Swift was the one who initiated the end of their relationship, saying, “I’m thinking back on exactly what happened. But no, yeah, she did.”

Despite the romantic chapter closing, Lautner expressed nothing but respect for the singer, emphasizing the importance of appreciating someone’s true essence.

“I think when you respect somebody for who they are in their soul, it allows you to move on, forgive, and continue that love in a different way. And thankfully we had that.”

Despite the split, Lautner emphasized that they remained friendly and would occasionally cross paths.

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