SINGAPORE: A husband recently took to an online group to anonymously ask a pressing marriage question, claiming that his wife cannot keep a steady job.

He looked to Singaporeans for advice, saying that his wife likes to spend on unnecessary things, though his salary is “just enough” for their family.

The concerned husband took to the Complaint Singapore group anonymously on Tuesday (Dec 19) to share his concerns over his wife and her spending habits. “Need help!” he said.

“My wife cannot stay at work and always resigns. She always wants to spend on (things) that are not essential. We are barely surviving every month since my salary is just enough for our family.” He then asked, “What to do with this kind of woman…”

While some told him that it is his responsibility to provide, others were quick to suggest splitting from his wife.

“Why are you bothered with her earnings…” wrote one. “It’s your responsibility to provide for her. Food la…accommodation la…if she ever helps in the household it is just a way of goodwill and not a must for her to help out.”

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However, another responded to this comment by arguing, “I’m also a woman but I don’t agree with you. One should be financially independent regardless of gender and support the family together.”

Still, one encouraged the couple to sit down and discuss their financial issues and create a plan of action.

“You need to sit down and do a calculation of household expenses with her,” the commenter wrote.

“Tell her you really need to budget well and can only buy essentials. Tell her she can pay for her own expenditures as you are already taking care of household expenses and child expenses.

If she cannot get along with colleagues or work is too much, she can be her own boss by learning to drive Grab or become a parcel deliverer. Or be a telemarketer. If you are still stressed by her, do go for counselling. Maybe she’d listen to a counsellor.”

While others proceeded to take sides, one left wise advice, saying, “Talk to each other rather than talking about each other.”

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According to an article by Everyday Health, transparency and open communication about finances are of utmost importance in a marriage.

It is essential to acknowledge that people have different opinions on financial matters; making money matters a vital conversation topic that couples shouldn’t overlook.

The article lists several tips for approaching talking about finances with your significant other, including not avoiding the topic and being transparent about past financial experiences.

The list also includes scheduling financial conversations in advance. Talking to a financial planner is also a feasible option.