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Tan Kin Lian questions why Josephine Teo is both manpower minister, and in-charge of population policies




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Former NTUC Income chief executive officer Tan Kin Lian took to social media once again, this time questioning the dual-role of Manpower Minister and Second Minister of Home Affairs Josephine Teo.

In a post on social media, Mr Tan remarked, “I am surprised that the manpower minister, Josephine Teo, is the minister in charge of population policies”.

He then asked, “Surely, the responsibilities in the manpower ministry are heavy enough for her? There are many challenges in the manpower policies that need to be addressed, and they are not”.

Mr Tan also asked why PM Lee was not the minister to carry out these tasks.

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His comments sparked a debate between netizens over the roles carried out by both Josephine Teo and PM Lee.

Mr Tan is active on Facebook. Earlier this year, he polled his followers on social media and asked them if he should use the photo of him riding an All-terrain vehicle (ATV), or what he titled ‘Useless dog message’.

He shared an image of his dog, with the following caption, “OK, I am a useless dog, but I have a good life. TKL family takes good care of me. Why you people vote PAP and suffer? Stupid, right?”

Unsurprisingly, 60 per cent of the 65 people who voted chose that he uses the image of his dog, over the one of him riding an ATV. /TISG

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