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Tan Kin Lian brushes off concerns over his FB posts about “pretty girls”, says only ‘very small minority’ are bothered by them

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His message for these “malicious” commenters is this: “If you don't like what I post, please stay out. Don't make very rude remarks.”

SINGAPORE: A TikTok video was posted on Sunday (Aug 20), compiling several posts on Facebook in the past from presidential aspirant Tan Kin Lian where he featured or wrote about “pretty girls.”

In response to questions from journalists, Mr Tan appeared to treat it as a non-issue, saying that only a very few people were bothered by his posts. Below is the TikTok from an account called spillthetea.sg, viewed over 217,000 times.


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However, when asked about the posts before going on a walkabout at a Clementi West hawker centre, Mr. Tan Kin Lian said that he posts about a number of other things on Facebook.

He also said that most people say his posts about women are “quite light…quite enjoyable”, adding that this is “how I build my people to be interested.”

And while he admitted that “There will be a few people who feel uncomfortable,” he quickly added, “but that is a very small minority, that’s a very small minority.”

Most of his followers “actually find that to be quite okay, quite fun.”

His message for these “malicious” commenters is this: “If you don’t like what I post, please stay out. Don’t make very rude remarks.”

“I ignore malicious people who are out to create trouble for me, so long as the majority of people find that those are quite harmless. Some people will be malicious,” he added.

The presidential hopeful told journalists that people sometimes leave “nasty comments” on his posts but added that this is also what they do to Mr Ng Kok Song, who is also running for the presidency.

Mr Tan Kin Lian said that Mr Ng also has “pretty girls” in some of his posts.

“So therefore don’t give the impression that I’m the worst target of malicious people. I’m not. I think I got more people who look at me more favourably because they understand my purpose of standing for election.”

Mr Tan’s response to the issue in the video below:

Nevertheless, there are several unfavourable comments left on TikTok.


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