Taipei — Taiwanese actor Talu Wang and Malaysian singer-actress Joey Chua have been spotted kissing and cuddling in the street. The 29-year-old actor was seen pulling down Chua’s face mask before kissing her passionately. Both of them seemed to be tipsy, having had a few drinks in the park after dinner.

Wang took off his jacket to shield Chua when it started raining. The 27-year-old was so drunk that Wang had to carry her to his car and take her back to her hotel.

The pair had recently appeared on A Journey For Love, a Chinese reality show for divorced female celebrities to find love again. Wang was one of the hosts of the dating programme and the two seemed to have a brother-sister relationship. The actor propelled to stardom in the Taiwanese film Our Times in 2015, according to The Straits Times.

Joey Chua divorced with her Malaysian husband. Picture: Instagram

The 12-episode dating programme ended last month, but Chua did not end up with anyone. The star divorced her Malaysian husband, Ivan Soh, in 2019 after three years of marriage. Wang wrote a note to Chua at the end of the series, calling her “my only little sister” and said she was really “talented and special”.

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“If you don’t find someone for a while, big brother can support you,” he added, referring to himself.

On Wednesday (May 26), news broke that Wang and Chua are dating and the pair was trending on Weibo with more than six million mentions. Chen Yue, who was one of Chua’s suitors on the show, also started popping up on the social media platform’s top searches. He had been her final date but was rejected by her as she said she wanted to concentrate on her career.

Netizens sympathised with him, with the hashtag, “Feel bad for Chen Yue”.

Born on May 29, 1991, Darren Wang or Wang Talu is a Taiwanese actor. He is best known for his breakout role as Hsu Tai-Yu in the film, Our Times./TISG