Home News Stranger carries disabled woman when an elevator at Novena MRT breaks down

Stranger carries disabled woman when an elevator at Novena MRT breaks down

Ms Clarice told Stomp that the Good Samaritan carried her mother up two flights of stairs though she was unable to get his name as he was rushing to catch a train




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Singapore—A complete stranger displayed an extraordinary act of kindness by carrying a disabled woman up the stairs at the Novena MRT station on Tuesday, December 17.

When the elevator had broken down that morning, people on wheelchairs found themselves unable to leave the train platform. But one woman named Clarice, wrote to crowdfunded news platform Stomp, that a kind man helped her mother, who was actually on her way to a doctor’s appointment.

Clarice told Stomp, “I was taking my mother to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) to see the doctor that morning but when we reached Novena MRT Station at 9:40 am, we were informed the lift was spoilt.”

She noticed that there were other people using wheelchairs in the same predicament, adding, ”We were all stuck at the train platform, including my mother who is handicapped as both her feet have been amputated.”

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When she and her mother asked for help from the staff of the MRT station, the were given an alternate route to TTSH via the train to Toa Payoh and then bus service 143, or told to possibly alter the time of their appointment.

Clarice added that those people who were in wheelchairs but could walk a little were being assisted by the staff in taking the escalator or the stairs, and others took the advice to take the MRT to Toa Payoh.

But changing their scheduled appointment would be difficult for Clarice, who had taken the day off just for that purpose.

They decided to attempt to carry her mother up the stairs, which is when the Good Samaritan stepped in.

“As my mum was late for her appointment, we decided to get our helper to carry her with the MRT staff supporting as they said they were unable to carry passengers due to safety reasons.

Then, a young gentleman came over to help and said he could carry my mum up the staircase.”

The young man then proceeded to valiantly carry Clarice’s mother up two flights of stairs.

“Despite his size, he carried my mum who is at least 80kg up two flights of stairs from the MRT platform to the control station.”

Unfortunately, he had to leave quickly to catch his train, and so Clarice was unable to get the stranger’s name.

Photos from Stomp show the young man carrying the older lady on his back.

Facebook page Legit Singapore also carried the story, calling the young hero, “Spiderman.”

“The lift at Novena MRT was spoiled.

This hero helped carry an 80kg-wheelchair-dependent amputee up 2 flights of stairs so that she can go for her appointment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Thank you for your public-spiritedness Spiderman.”

Many netizens thanked and praised the young man for his kind deed.


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