Stormy Daniels’s attorney revealed on CNN that the adult film star wore a bulletproof vest under her clothes every day before heading to Donald Trump’s New York hush money trial.

The trial has left Daniels paralyzed with fear, as she is concerned about potential security threats.

During his appearance on CNN’s “AC360°” on Monday, Brewster shared that she was anxious about her safety upon arriving in New York. She wore a bulletproof vest every day until she reached the courthouse.

Before her appearance on Sunday, she was so frightened that she cried herself to sleep.

Can a bulletproof vest stop Trump?

Her fear stemmed not from testifying or sharing her story, but from the potential actions of a dangerous individual. Brewster expressed his genuine concern for her well-being.

Despite her fears, Daniels showed bravery on the stand, offering graphic testimony of her alleged affair with Trump. Her attorney expressed confidence in her ability to handle cross-examination.

Trump’s attorney Susan Necheles, in her cross-examination of Daniels, tried to paint her as an untrustworthy witness and criticized her for profiting from her claims of an affair with Trump.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-lawyer, has corroborated details of Daniels’ story, adding credibility to her claims.

Justice must be served

Daniels, also known as Stephanie Clifford, claimed that Trump gave her $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged sexual incident that took place at a celebrity golf event in Lake Tahoe in 2006.

The attorney noted that while she empathizes with the guy, she has been deeply affected by his hurtful statements and may harbor a desire for justice to be served by the jury finding him guilty.

The former president, facing felony charges for falsifying records related to the payment to Daniels, has been silenced by a gag order preventing him from retaliating against any witnesses during the trial.

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