Trump, jail threat

Former President Trump finds a way to get his message out amid a gag order by having loyalists speak on his behalf at the Manhattan courthouse. As the order prevents him from commenting, these loyalists have stepped up to echo his criticisms.

Trump’s entourage is making waves in court to defend the former president’s stance despite the gag order in place.

House Speaker Mike Johnson and Rep. Byron Donalds are among those speaking out against key figures in the trial.

The loyalists speak

During Michael Cohen’s testimony as a Trump-lawyer-turned-antagonist, Senators J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) and Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) along with Representative Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) were among those who criticized Cohen outside the courthouse.

Vance stated, “This individual is a convicted felon who confessed to secretly recording his former employer. Can anyone with common sense truly believe anything that Michael Cohen says?”

Tuberville commented, “I am here listening to a man on the stand who was released from house arrest because he lied in a different court to testify in this one,” although Cohen had pleaded guilty to lying to Congress, not in a different court. He was also released from home confinement in 2021.

Malliotakis labeled Cohen as a “convicted disbarred perjurer,” and Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) also voiced his criticism of Cohen’s testimony.

Trump allies continue to show unwavering support for the former president in court, with potential VP contenders also making appearances.

Keeping Trump’s narrative alive

The loyalists are working hard to paint a picture that aligns with Trump’s views as the case progresses.

The DNC criticizes Trump’s followers, calling them a “sad posse of MAGA loyalists.” However, with strong surrogate support, Trump’s message is being amplified on the courthouse stage.

Overall, Trump remains central to the court proceedings through his loyalists’ voices, keeping his perspective in the spotlight despite legal restrictions.

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