Customer claims food stall auntie was rude & refused to serve his wife, but witness challenges his story


Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

A customer took to social media with a complaint after a food stall attendant had allegedly refused to serve his wife, but his version of the story was challenged by a woman who had been there when the incident occurred.

“My wife Q in Blk 409 food hawker Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 for ordering a vegetarian curry mee Hoon. A stall assistance aunti who was wearing a white mask replied that didn’t have mee Hoon, so my wife changed curry with rice, she said that didn’t have rice, then she said that ‘I don’t want to sell to you’ and she called next person. This type of rude attitude is unacceptable please do not eat in this stall. Bad service.”

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‘The Singaporean Dream is to hentak kaki’ — Singaporeans share their thoughts on what the “Singaporean Dream” has become today…



A Singaporean has started a serious online discussion over the Singaporean Dream. The netizen shared their sentiments, saying it is “to hentak kaki” — a Malay phrase literally means “stamping feet” or “marching in place” but is also an expression used to refer to a career that has become stagnant.

An online user on Sunday (Sept 25) shared their thoughts on the social ladder unique to the country with an online news forum. The attention-grabbing headline read “The Singaporean Dream is to hentak kaki“.

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Singaporean woman in Thailand mistakenly eats cannabis in noodle soup, says ‘It looked like kangkung’


Photo: Unsplash (for illustration purposes only).

A Singaporean woman mistakenly had a bowl of noodle soup containing cannabis while on holiday at Chiang Rai, Thailand. Partaking in cannabis overseas is also a crime for Singaporeans.

She thought that the green leaves in her soup were kangkong, and only came to the realization that she had consumed cannabis the following day when she saw a cannabis leaf on the menu beside a picture of the “very nice” soup she had ordered.

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Prank goes wrong: Thai tourist stopped at Changi Airport for bringing in more than S$20,000 undeclared cash


Photo: TikTok screengrab/iamsungstarwin

What started as a prank ended up in detention at Changi Airport for a Thai tourist who brought over S$20,000 cash into the country and didn’t know he had to declare the amount.

A video of the incident was posted on TikTok by Sungstarwin, who went into detail about what happened to him at the airport.

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Man complains about ‘inconsiderate’ Filipino neighbours putting their plant pots in front of his door, but netizens urge him to settle the matter peacefully


Photo: FB screengrab/complaint singapore

A netizen took to social media to complain about his “Filipino neighbour who is very inconsiderate.”

His chief beef with them is that “They put their plants pots in front of my door” as he considers this to be “not safe” at their address, 10-19 Hougang St 51.

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