Bianca Bustamante might have been a racing enthusiast from a young age, but her parents have not had the luxury of watching her compete on the tracks, as her past races have all either been held in the USA or Europe.

With her set to race in the W Series at the Singapore Grand Prix, it’s a perfect opportunity for her to showcase her talent to the ones who have been supporting her throughout her journey. The teen driver, Bianca Bustamante, also shared her thoughts on driving in a street circuit, which is different compared to the other circuit that she used to compete in.

“I consider Singapore the closest to a home race I’ll ever get, it is so close to the Philippines. My parents will watch me for the first time. Just them being there, already inspires me above and beyond,” said Bianca Bustamante.

“I have never driven here in Singapore, but I have driven in Miami where I scored my first world championship points, and I was the first Philippines and Southeast Asian to do so. I guess having done that on a very tricky track, would boost my confidence.”

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At an event held on Monday alongside mixed martial arts athlete Amanda Lee, Bustamante was also asked about how she handles toxic masculinity in a male-dominated sport.

“Everyone around me was very masculine, why would a boy let a girl win? Sometimes that mentality would push them into belittling me or not taking me seriously,” added the 17-year-old racer.

“I had to make sure that I had to prove them wrong. I am an Asian karting champion and I have won numerous championships all over the world. I am also the driver of the year in the Philippines, winning that, I was always against boys.”

It is no surprise who Bustamante turned to whenever she needed the strength to keep her going whenever she was faced with obstacles in her racing career.

“There were of course times when I thought I didn’t belong here. But I am very thankful to my parents as regardless of the circumstances, they were the ones that pushed me. They showed me so much support and love that I was able to power through anything that was thrown at me and any hindrance that I had to go through.”

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The W Series practice session will be on Friday, 30 Sept from 7.45pm. The qualifying session is on the following day at 4.45pm and the W Series Race will be held on Sunday, 2 Oct at the same time.

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