‘Please employ our own people, you don’t need to import for this demand’ — Singaporeans react to news of “high demand” for new work positions in Q4



In response to recent news of a projected increase in the demand for job positions in the last quarter of the year, Singaporeans are calling on companies, urging them not to prioritise foreign workers.

After conducting a survey on 510 companies, ManpowerGroup Singapore found that fifty per cent of companies are projected to increase their hiring in the fourth quarter in order to address vacancies.

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‘No more picnics for domestic helpers’ — Netizens debate whether barricading City Plaza grass area is a good call


from Facebook / Singapore Incidents

An online user shared a video in a Facebook online group, Singapore Incidents on City Plaza’s grass area being fenced. The area is known to be the gathering place of domestic helpers who find some free time on the weekends.

A few were in favour of the decision, with one even saying it’s “long overdue.” However, others advocated for the workers, saying that they deserve a space where they can get together on their free days.

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Jamus Lim on the death of Queen Elizabeth: As far as colonies go, we were fortunate


Photo: FB screengrab/ jamuslim

Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim noted in a Facebook post the “mixed” legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, whose recent passing was observed with a minute of silence in Parliament on Monday (Sept 12).

However, Assoc Prof Lim added that Singapore “has benefited from its colonial history” and that “As far as colonies go, we were fortunate.”

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Expat asks if he should give up $6K salary in Dubai for $9K salary in Singapore; netizens say it’s not worth coming to SG


FB screengrab Singapore CBD

A father of a two-year-old asked if a monthly salary of S$9,000 would be enough to live in Singapore.

In a post to Facebook group Indians in Singapore, the netizen wrote that he currently works in Dubai, with take-home pay of about S$6,647.98. 

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Nearly 6 out of 10 people in Singapore think online gambling should be banned


Photo: freepik/rawpixel (for illustration purposes only)

A recently-released YouGov report shows that almost six out of 10 people, or 56 per cent, in Singapore think that online gambling should not be allowed.

This is higher than the global average of 46 per cent, or two out of five people who share this belief.

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