AMK fishball noodle seller asks customer 4 times to confirm order, later told off for overcharging S$1


Photo: Taken from Google Maps, used for illustration purposes only

Singapore — Food and beverage establishments are well-versed in miscommunications with customers, hence the practice of repeating an order before preparing the meal. In a recent case, however, a fishball noodle seller was on the receiving end of a customer complaint about cooking a more expensive version of a dish.

After preparing a S$3 dish from her menu, fishball noodle seller, Ms Tay, later discovered that the customer wanted the version that was S$1 cheaper. The mistake resulted in the seller allegedly being told off by the customer’s mother.

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Hawkers say food prices are not increased, Netizens say food prices are increased, or food portions are decreased… or even both


People eat at a hawker centre in Singapore on June 19, 2020, as restrictions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus are eased. – Restaurants, retail shops and most other businesses reopened in Singapore on June 19 as the virus-hit city-state eased curbs, but the city-state’s leader cautioned residents “not to go overboard celebrating”. (Photo by Roslan RAHMAN / AFP)

Singapore — Hawkers have decided to delay increasing the prices of their food even though the cost of essentials such as electricity, cooking oil, and vegetables have gone up as high as 30 per cent recently.

According to a recent report, hawkers are compromising earnings by avoiding price increase on the food they serve as they fear losing their regular customers amid fluctuating Covid-19 dining restrictions.

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Netizens: Waste of time & taxpayers money on Raeesah Khan’s lie; case closed—move on—bigger issues need focus e.g. reduce cost of living for citizens


Photos: FB screengrab/youngsikhassociationsingapore, raeesah khan

Singapore — Amid ongoing hearings for the lie former Member of Parliament Raeesah Khan said during a Parliament debate, a general theme among netizen reactions was the need to focus time and resources on more important matters.

According to the third report released on Sunday (Dec 12) by the Parliament’s Committee of Privileges, Workers’ Party (WP) chief and leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh did not tell Ms Khan to take her lie “to the grave” nor did he specifically advise her to admit the truth despite having communicated with her on multiple occasions.

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‘Wiser if HDB improves window designs’ — Public on 43 cases of fallen windows in 2021 as homeowners reminded to check regularly


Photo: Taken from HDB website

Singapore — Responding to the 43 cases of fallen windows reported this year at Housing and Development Board (HDB) units and residents being reminded to conduct regular checks, members of the public suggested improving the window designs was a better solution.

HDB and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) said in a joint release on Saturday (Dec 11) that there were 43 recorded cases of fallen windows in the first 11 months of this year.

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Roadkill: Driver hits wild boar dashing across BKE, netizen says, ‘no need drive so fast until can’t avoid accident’


Photo: FB screengrab/SG Road Vigilante and

Singapore — A driver cruising along the Bukit Timah Expressway was startled to see a wild boar dashing out across the road. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to avoid the collision, resulting in a case of roadkill.

On Saturday (Dec 11), Facebook page uploaded a video with the caption, “A wild boar dashing across expressway and being hit by car. This is an unfortunate roadkill that cannot be avoided. RIP – Running Into Pig.”

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