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Stories you might’ve missed, Aug 2

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Cheng Li Hui & Tan Chuan-Jin went on “only one” official trip together to Cambodia


Photo: FB/ Baey Yam Keng

SINGAPORE: On the inappropriate relationship of former Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and former PAP MP Cheng Li Hui, Mr Pritam Singh asked PM Lee: “My question is, if the Prime Minister knew of the affair in 2020, why were Speaker Tan and Cheng Li Hui allowed to be on the same Standing Select Committee of Parliament, namely the House Committee after GE 2020 when the Prime Minister was already aware of the affair?”

“Wouldn’t their being on the same committee have resulted in more interactions between them than necessary or given official reasons to be together?” Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh asked in Parliament on Wed (Aug 2). He also wanted to know how many trips Tan Chuan-Jin and Cheng Li Hui had been on since 2020 at taxpayers’ expense.

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Employer says her maid wants to sleep without showering, demands rice 3 times a day and snacks in between


Elizabeth Mosquera, an unemployed maid who lost her job during the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, serves dinner at her house in Medellin, Colombia, on December 7, 2020. – In Colombia, women are paying a higher price than men during the pandemic. For every unemployed man there are two women. And in cases such as those of Elizabeth, Maria Edilma and Jackeline, they have take care of their homes. (Photo by Joaquin SARMIENTO / AFP)

SINGAPORE: An employer took to social media asking for advice because her new maid said that a 3-room household of three adults and a dog was too much for her to handle.

In an anonymous post to a support group on social media for domestic helpers and their employers, a woman wrote that on her maid’s second day, she went for a course and, after she came back, wanted to sleep without taking a shower.

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PM Lee reveals S Iswaran’s pay reduced to $8,500 amid corruption probe


YT screencapture

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong revealed that Transport Minister S Iswaran’s pay had been cut to $8,500, and his duties have been interdicted amid the Minister’s arrest as part of an ongoing corruption probe.

In a ministerial statement today (2 Aug), Mr Lee provided the timeline of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) probe. He said that CPIB found information that warranted further examination regarding Mr Iswaran.

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Pritam Singh says govt has been “less than upfront and forthright with Singaporeans” and PAP engages “in half-truths on matters of significant public interest”


SINGAPORE: Seeking clarifications from PM Lee Hsien Loong and Chan Chun Sing in Parliament on Aug 2, Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh said that the government has been “slow to clear the air, or been less than upfront and forthright with Singaporeans when it had to deal with potentially embarrassing issues”.

Listing the incidents to prove his point, he says that the public was not initially informed about CPIB’s investigation into the Ridout rentals. He said that Senior Minister Teo was appointed to establish whether there were any wrongdoings in order to maintain higher standards of integrity. He said the public was not told that PM Lee ordered a CPIB investigation. Mr Pritam continued that the public was also not told about Mr Iswaran’s arrest when investigations were first disclosed.

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PM Lee answers why he took two years to act on Tan Chuan-Jin & Cheng Li Hui affair, says these sorts of relationships happen from time to time


SINGAPORE: Addressing Parliament on Wednesday, Aug 2, PM Lee addressed the affair between former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin and former MP Cheng Li Hui.

PM Lee said he first learnt of their relationship in Nov 2020. They were both spoken to and counselled separately. They said they would stop the affair, but they did not, PM Lee said. In Feb 2023, Mr Tan admitted and offered to resign. A few weeks ago, PM Lee came across information that their relationship continued.

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