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Cheng Li Hui & Tan Chuan-Jin went on “only one” official trip together to Cambodia

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Pritam Singh wanted to know how many trips Tan Chuan-Jin and Cheng Li Hui had been on together since 2020 at the taxpayers' expense

SINGAPORE: On the inappropriate relationship of former Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and former PAP MP Cheng Li Hui, Mr Pritam Singh asked PM Lee: “My question is, if the Prime Minister knew of the affair in 2020, why were Speaker Tan and Cheng Li Hui allowed to be on the same Standing Select Committee of Parliament, namely the House Committee after GE 2020 when the Prime Minister was already aware of the affair?”

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“Wouldn’t their being on the same committee have resulted in more interactions between them than necessary or given official reasons to be together?” Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh asked in Parliament on Wed (Aug 2). He also wanted to know how many trips Tan Chuan-Jin and Cheng Li Hui had been on since 2020 at taxpayers’ expense.

Mr Singh asked why there was a need for “so much time to plan for the care of Marine Parade”? He asked if caring for Marine Parade residents was the crux of the issue, and why Tan Chuan-Jin was not asked to step down as Speaker of Parliament first and a new Speaker elected. “If he had stepped down as Speaker, could he (Tan Chuan-Jin) not have continued as a Marine Parade MP until the arrangements were made?” Mr Pritam asked. Mr Pritam also wanted to know if PM Lee personally counselled Tan Chuan-Jin and Cheng Li Hui and if PM Lee checked in on the relationship status thereafter.

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Leader of the House Indranee Rajah addressed Mr Singh’s question on the number of parliamentary trips or official trips that Tan Chuan-Jin had gone on since the last general election. The former Speaker had gone on five official overseas trips and three working trips. Examples of working trips include the Olympic Games, she said.

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Of the five official overseas trips Tan was on, Cheng was present at one, which was the Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly to Cambodia in 2022, says Ms Rajah.

There were 15 MPs in total who went on that trip, she said.

On TraceTogether information being used, PM Lee said the issue was aired extensively in Parliament in 2021 and has been completely explained. On the affair between Mr Tan Chuan-Jin and Ms Cheng Li Hui, PM Lee said: “I could have done it sooner. I should have done it sooner.” Marine Parade GRC was a consideration but, all things considered, he should have moved earlier, he adds. “The important thing is we move, and we brought it out, and we are open about it,” PM Lee said. /TISG

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