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Morning Digest, Aug 3

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“I dropped out of Singapore’s best university to save my family from going bankrupt” — 21-year-old “ang mo” asks Singaporeans to help him save his dad’s Slavic restaurant


Image: TikTok screengrab / @kapitansingapore

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans have rallied behind a 21-year-old Ukranian who recently took his efforts to save his father’s Slavic restaurant in Singapore to TikTok.

The young man reportedly dropped out of Singapore’s best university to save the family business. His humble and honest approach seems to have tugged on the heartstrings of Singaporeans, who have answered his call, ready to support the restaurant.

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“You studied hard for 4 years just to screw up during commencement” — Graduate hat blunder on stage goes viral


Image: TikTok screengrab / @j1aying

SINGAPORE: A Singapore Management University graduate recently went viral on TikTok after she uploaded a video of her graduate hat blunder during her commencement. Though Singaporeans had a little laugh, they also applauded her for her composure.

“POV: You studied hard for 4 years just to screw up during commencement.” This was the title of a recent video posted by @j1aying. The 32-second clip, which garnered over 964,000 views in three days, featured her coming up on stage to get her diploma. Right after she shook the hand of the man holding her diploma, the two turned to face the camera for a quick picture.

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Pritam asks Indranee to consider if there was something suspicious about the duration it took for Tan Chuan-Jin’s hot mic video to become public


Photo: Youtube screengrab / Indranee Rajah and Pritam Singh

SINGAPORE: Speaking in Parliament on Aug 2, Indranee Rajah addressed Tan Chuan-Jin’s hot mic incident.

Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh asked Ms Rajah: “Would the leader be minded to refer that matter to the police to investigate, to inquire who released that video? Because, as Leader said, I don’t believe anybody in this house picked up that language.”

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Xixi Lim called the police to arrest her mother when she was a teenager, says it was best for her


Photo: IG screengrab/ Xixi Lim

SINGAPORE: In an episode of the YouTube series R U Okay? actress and host Xixi Lim admitted that her mother used to be a gambler. She said that her mother wanted to become rich overnight, and when her gambling addiction worsened, she needed help from the police.

Xixi mentioned that her relatives called her cruel and cold-blooded due to her actions, but she got used to it. “I knew what was best for my mother and I did it,” she declared. She added that her mother can live a grounded and stable life when people are ‘not overly nice’ to her. Xixi said: “We are still in contact but as we don’t live together anymore, we don’t talk often.”

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‘Chicken wing at most $1.50, but vendor says $2.50’ — Customer complains



SINGAPORE: Another netizen took to social media regarding the high food price these days, shocked that a single chicken wing cost as much as $1.50.

Facebook user Ggoo Lee wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page on Monday (Jul 31) that they’d had a meal at the canteen at Woodlands Interchange NTWU. “I only selected 3 ingredients with rice but my total price is $6.30 and when i ask the stall owner, the vendor says just for one chicken wings is $2.50…3 meat ball also $2.50…how come so expensive till exceeded $2…”

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