Lifestyle S'poreans share money-saving tips to stay alive in S'pore: From "don’t order...

S’poreans share money-saving tips to stay alive in S’pore: From “don’t order drinks when eating out” to “switch aircon to dehumidifier mode” and many, many more…

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One even listed 10 additional tips that could save someone S$500 a month

SINGAPORE: Every cent saved can matter a lot in today’s economy. This is probably why one Reddit user asked people on the platform for their “little tips for saving money trying to stay alive in Singapore.”

Asking for help with the “small things you can do to save money”, u/radiotoothbrush wrote on r/askSingapore on Monday (Aug 28) that even tips that would save him a dollar would make him very happy, adding that whether it’s “personal or for the family, everything you share would be much appreciated, sincerely.”

The Reddit user started the ball rolling with the following suggestion to downgrade one’s mobile and internet subscriptions.

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A number of commenters shared how using apps has saved them a good bit of dough.

“Actually anything app-related, means more savings,” another weighed in.

One suggested cooking more meals at home and not ordering drinks when eating out.

Another listed 10 tips that could save someone S$500 a month.

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“Save 50 cents when they board trains before 7.45am, applicable on weekdays,” contributed a comment.

“For some out there, stop smoking.. put the approximate amount of $10 per day in a box (put a $10 note) and end of the year you have $3650,” a former smoker wrote.

One said she saves money by switching air-conditioners to dehumidifier mode and gently squeezing telco and broadband providers when her contracts expire.

A wise Reddit user wrote, “Life is only difficult because we want too much. To put it bluntly, just consume less and learn how to manage your expectations.”

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