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SPH owned radio station taken to task for racist segment in morning talk show




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An SPH owned radio station, Kiss 92 is being taken to task by listeners for a racist segment it aired on radio. The segment which aired on the Maddy, Jason & Arnold show in the morning, talked about the lack of sleep Singaporeans get.

According to Facebook user Raeesah Khan the hosts “expressed SURPRISE that Chinese people got more sleep, and that Malays and Indians don’t get enough sleep. THEN they talk about how Malays and Indians work less, and go out and party but Chinese people had to send their kids to school and go to work early.”


Facebook user Atiq Lukman shared that this is what the hosts said:

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“Apparently it’s the Chinese that get the adequate number of hours of sleep! You’d think that we get less because we’ve been raised to work hard, have all our lives planned out, but no!”

“You know why Malays and Indians get less sleep? It’s because they’ve been raised to have fun, party,”


Commenters who responded to the Facebook users posts, expressed both surprise and disgust that the radio DJs will express such racist views on airs.

Community activist Sangeetha Dhanapal who responded to Raeesah Khan’s post said: “F@#% that. To be so openly racist on a radio show is unacceptable. Def write in and make a big fuss and invite other people to do the same. They should be made to apologize. In other countries they’d get fired, but it’s Singapore so that’s the best we can hope for.”

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