SINGAPORE: Ten years after retirement, a 70-year-old former stockbroker wants to return to work in a different environment.

His son took to an online forum on Tuesday (Feb 13) to ask Singaporeans what kinds of jobs would be suitable for their father, adding, “(The) pay doesn’t really matter, but it should not require him to stand for long hours or carry heavy things.”

“What types of jobs are suitable for a retired 70-year-old man?” this was the question an online user asked Singaporeans. “My dad is an ex-stockbroker, and is bored out of his wits after retiring ten years ago. He wants to go back to work in a simple/easy working environment such as a packer etc.”

The writer added, “He is in fairly good health, but unable to stand for long hours, is bilingual in both Chinese and English, and has an okay grasp of basic IT. Can anyone suggest any ideas on what he can do? Preferably in the East (Tampines/Changi etc). An air-conditioned environment is a plus!”

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To end the post, the writer excluded F&B server or waiter roles as such jobs would entail a lot of standing. “Thanks in advance!” they said.

A handful of online users took to the comments section with their own suggestions. Some said the writer’s father could take on a teaching or mentoring role.

“Supplementary courses for finance students in university,” one said. “He can even register a company and be hired to teach supplementary courses on trading, etc. on weekends.”

“How about try mentoring on stock broking share his wisdom lah,” another wrote, “Instead of being a cleaner.”

Others suggested jobs that require minimal standing. “Condo receptionist, maybe?” said one.

“At least here, the staff can sit most of the time, and they just go around the public space to check once in a while, to let delivery staff up, and my impression is that most of them like their jobs, especially the older uncles seem to enjoy it.

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Pay is for sure not good, but it’s probably something he could do.”

Another thought of a security job role, commenting, “Chill part-time security job. Can sit at the counter and check IC. I see a lot of older security guards sitting around at the counter watching YouTube.”

Some even mentioned offering translation services for people in the financial sector.

“Can try…freelance English-Chinese translation services,” said one.

“Especially for the finance industry because he already knows the jargon. You will be surprised by the number of big companies trying to go into the Chinese market and Chinese companies trying to expand internationally but struggling with English.”

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