Despite internet rumours about Sofia Vergara undergoing plastic surgery and launching a sun care line, Toty, she’s not just following a trend or altering her appearance. Vergara’s motivation for Toty stems from a longstanding issue in the US market: the struggle to find sunblocks that don’t leave a white residue on darker skin tones.

Her quest for an effective sunscreen began in the ’90s when she realized the harmful effects of sun exposure on aging. However, finding suitable sunblocks proved challenging as most left behind a noticeable white layer. It wasn’t until discovering a sunscreen during her trips to Spain that actually worked for her skin that she decided to partner with the labs responsible and bring her version to the US market.

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Positively transforms the skin

Vergara maintains a realistic outlook on Toty’s results, clarifying that it won’t miraculously turn back time but will positively transform the skin. She’s also quick to debunk accusations of plastic surgery, finding the comments amusing but unwarranted. She dismisses such claims, suggesting that plastic surgery isn’t typically sought to look worse than before.

Addressing accusations directly, she humorously attributes changes to aging rather than surgical alterations, emphasizing that her appearance differences are natural and expected with age. Vergara, much like her beloved character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, is known for her humor and straightforwardness. She often disregards negative comments online, attributing them to people’s bad moods, depression, or jealousy.

Vergara shares her experience

Vergara admits to having certain beauty procedures she swears by, along with specific skincare practices. She shares her experiences, advice for fellow Latinas in business, upcoming projects, and imparts wisdom she’d give to her younger self and others.

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