Business & Economy Startups SLUSH Helsinki 2018 names Meeshkan as winner of pitching competition

SLUSH Helsinki 2018 names Meeshkan as winner of pitching competition




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Local startup Meeshkan beats two other finalists at the SLUSH 100 pitching competition


Finland-based startup Meeshkan has been named as winner of the SLUSH 100 pitching competition at the SLUSH Helsinki 2018 event today.

The startup develops a framework for interactive machine learning with the purpose of helping teams train machine learning models faster.

It enables engineers to monitor, tweak, and test machine learning models via business communication platform Slack.

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Meeshkan named Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa as one of its investors.

As the winner, the startup is set to receive a service package that includes consultancy services from PwC, branding and marketing aid from San Francisco Agency, legal services from Dottir Attorneys, as well as flights and accommodation to San Francisco to meet with leading venture capitalists.

SLUSH 100 is a pitching competition that was part of the annual SLUSH Helsinki 2018 event, held at the Helsinki Expo & Convention Centre on December 4-5, 2018.

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Selected out of 100 participants, the competition named 15 semi-finalists that were later being shortlisted into three finalists. It claimed to have received more than 1,000 applications from 60 countries.

The finalists include Latvia-based Aerones, who is building a heavy duty industrial grade flying drones that is used to clean wind turbines and buildings. When done manually, the cleaning process possesses great risk of injury and death for the person who is doing it; the company’s goal was to make it much safer by using drones.

As a hardware-as-a-service company, Aerones currently focusses on providing cleaning services for wind turbines operators, though co-founder Dainis Kruze has mentioned plans to use the drones for firefighting in the long run.

The competition also named Lifemote Networks as finalist. The company uses artificial intelligence to analyse trouble in home Wi-Fi devices and fix it.

According to co-founder Dr. Eren Soyak, the service was able to cut down calls to ISP company’s customer service number by 10 per cent.

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