By: Chris Kuan

It’s been 1 year and 26 days innit? I mean that’s the time since the general election in which the PAP received its current undisputed mandate from heaven……. oops from the people. What has happened since? Lemme see……………..

No new social spending initiatives – the good old Pioneer Generation Package and other stuff had done the hatchet job on the sort of people who think they should be eternally grateful for bits and bobs paid out of the expensive prices they divvy up for their housing.

The Administration of Justice Bill to muzzle the already muzzled.

Fixing the Elected Presidency in the name of minority representation but in reality fixing a popular candidate who may prove a difficult president to the government as if such a president is really such a major obstacle to the executive powers of the government.

Arranging that candidates of one race and one gender will be considered for the job of the next Prime Minister. Never mind that rightly or wrongly the people mostly prefered someone else who happened not to be of that race. Well popular legitimacy or the lack of may be the next PM’s problem.

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Introduction of online gambling which probably is a fait accompli given how the prefered operators had already engaged the services of online gambling software developers well ahead of the decision. Or you can chose to believe that these operators have even better foresight than the government.

Did I miss anything? Perhaps but governing without fear of electoral consequences is what you get for giving a political party, any party, an overwhelming victory in a general election.

And for the PAP – that means back of the old habits of being stingy, being repressive and ignoring the opinions of the people who elected them. No one can excuse themselves by saying they don’t see this coming or that you trust the PAP. Unless you are one of the disturbing large numbers who seems to prefer trust than actually doing something to put a check on politicians. Or you prefer to live in an alternate universe in which you have to work so much that nothing else matters, not even thinking about your rights and your own political choices. although in fairness to some, the choice is unpalatable given the type of alternative candidates.

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Republished from Chris Kuan’s FB.