SINGAPORE: A man took to social media to share that he now wants to quit a job he earnestly desired after realizing it didn’t align with his passion.

On Wednesday (April 10), he shared on r/askSingapore, “Currently got a Job after 6 month of unemployment after graduation (degree) but feel not suitable due to lack of passion.”

He expressed, “My passion is doing something related to design. Having some anxiety issue and thinking should continue looking for job similar to my passion in designing.”

However, acknowledging the tough job market and his financial needs, he contemplated waiting until the end of the probation period, around a week, to assess his situation before making a final decision.

He also asked others, “How can I rebuild my life?”

“Start to accept that your job and your passion are unlikely to intersect”

A few Singaporean Redditors gave the man a reality check in the comments section, pointing out that many adults end up working jobs they do not particularly enjoy.

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They also stated that in the real world, putting food on the table and paying bills comes before pursuing one’s dream job.

One Redditor bluntly said, “Welcome to the real world, where the vast majority of people aren’t fortunate enough to be getting paid to pursue their passions.

Start to accept the fact that your job and your passion are unlikely to intersect, but also take heart in the fact that being good at your job – or even enjoying it – is more about being competent and adding value than being passionate about it.

That’s something you can work towards for sure; that said, there’s no reason why you can’t take on this job first while continuing to search for a better one. Don’t see where the life crisis is here, nor the need to rebuild your life.”

Another Redditor also suggested that he keep his passion as his hobby because “nothing kills interest faster than having to make a living from it.”

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Others suggested he could stick with his role while hunting for jobs related to his passion or even do some freelance design work on the side. This way, he can keep the money coming in without risking his financial stability.

They also mentioned that if his passion can financially support him, he should pursue it.

One Redditor commented, “Do your passion job and see if you’re ok with the paycheck. If Sian then just change job lor.”

Another added, “Firstly, does your passion pay the bills and put food on the table? If yes, then go for it. For the vast majority of people, their careers are based on the need to provide for themselves and their families.

But often (and in my case), you can grow to enjoy (or even become passionate) about the career pathway you end up choosing/falling into.”

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